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About Evoreen

Evoreen is a company found by a group of passionate pharmacists who believed in the power of nature. The highly believe that we are what we eat and read.

In Evoreen, we believe that our roots go back to the magical age of our ancestors, Pharaohs. Herbal medicine was one of their greatest arts and well-kept craft. The plant medicines mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus for instance include opium, cannabis, myrrh, frankincense, fennel, cassia, senna, thyme, henna, juniper, aloe, linseed and castor oil.


We believe that it is possible to bring both healthy & tasty words together to the experience of our consumers. We also believe that science can bring back the traditional functional foods and drinks back to our table in a way that suites the modern life. We believe that what we consume can has a huge impact on our activities.

Our mission is to create the highest quality products possible and educate people about the impact they can bring to their lives and the lives of their beloved ones. You can uplift your moment and your whole life with our portfolio of great taste products.